Employee Services

Our Mission “Safety, Quality, Service.”

Ideal Job Placement Solutions in Lincoln City

Our mission is to provide the best possible staffing solutions to employers as well as providing employment opportunities to job seekers. Our services are tailored to both clients and employees to provide the highest level of productivity and safety for each individual need.

Employer Services

Provided free of charge in the services we offer are:

  • Compensation Claims Management
  • Loss Prevention Analysis
  • Employee Training
  • Full-Time Safety Coordinator
  • On-Site Safety Review
  • In-House Safety Room
  • Industry-Specific Literature / Videos
  • Equipment Certification

We can hold your Safety Meetings, document, and file all related paperwork in our office.

Application & Employee Handbook

Application & Employee Handbook

Want to join the team at Coastal Temps Employment Services? Simply click the link below and then print, sign and fax.

Latest W2

Latest W4

Complete a W-4 Form so that your employer can withhold the correct federal income tax from your pay. Complete a new form when you have changes to your personal or financial situation.

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Latest W2

Latest I-9

Use form I-9 to verify your identity and authorization for employment in the United States.

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Time Card

Time Card

Need our time card? We have it here in PDF form; just make sure you have Adobe Acrobat Reader so you can view it.

Time Cards

Find Exciting Work Opportunities With Us

We can assist you to get a job that’s best for you, as well as help you acclimatize to it.

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